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Horse care
Dog walking
Puppy or Elderly dog visits
Cat and other small animal sitting
Overnight animal sitting
House security
Emergency Pet care

Why use a Pet Sitter

There are many benefits of using a pet sitter, in terms of health, happiness and safety/security for both pets and their owners.
Pets seem much happier when being professionally cared for at home in familiar surroundings. Their owners are happier too, as they feel less guilty knowing their animal is safe and happy and they’re not having to impose/rely on friends or neighbours.
Visits to strange surroundings such as kennels and catteries can cause some animals to become stressed and nervous. Owners can also get stressed and nervous by this, and may worry about how well their pet is mixing with other animals or whether they’re going to pick up any illnesses or bad habits.
Pets get lots of love and attention from Sue and her team during visits, and the pet carers are also happy to help with any extra services you may need, such as administering pet medicine. Owners get benefits too, as the team are effectively house sitting whilst pet sitting, so are able to keep an eye on things, move mail, switch on lights, put out bins, water plants and deal with any callers or emergencies.
It’s a win-win for everyone!