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There are many benefits to using a pet sitter, in terms of health, happiness and safety/security for both pets and their owners. 

Pets seem much happier when being professionally cared for at home in familiar surroundings. Their owners are happier too, knowing that their animal is safe and happy and they’re not having to rely on friends or neighbours. 

Visits to strange surroundings, such as kennels and catteries, can cause some animals to become distressed and nervous. Owners can also become stressed knowing that their pet is unhappy or picking up illnesses and bad habits. 

Pets get lots of love and attention from Sue and her team during their visits, which will put you at ease. The whole team is happy to help with any extra services you may need, such as administering pet medicine or providing security for your property. Owner’s can feel at ease knowing that the team are, effectively, house sitting whilst pet sitting! They can move mail, switch on lights, put out bins, water plants and deal with any callers or emergencies. 

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Founder of Sue's Pet Care Services

Hi I’m Sue,

Proud owner of 7 cats! The Mad Cat Lady..YES that’s me! After gaining my degree  in business studies from Bournemouth University in 1996 I pursued a career in Management Accountancy, only to realise my dream, i wanted to pursue my passion … Animals. All creatures great and small. In 2011 I made my dream a reality and set up Sue’s Pet Care Service! I’ve never looked back!

I have had animals all my life, including cats and dogs. I had my very own pony when I was just 12 and I thrived on the responsibility of caring for and developing a bond with such a magnificent creature. My last horse that I used to event with was Parker, an ex racehorse that stole my heart.  I sadly had to say goodbye to him in 2014.

Im a keen volunteer for Stray Cats Rescue. I foster cats to give them all of the love and care they need until they find their forever home. Animals are my life.

I enjoy walking and the outdoors as well as travelling. One of my favourite destinations is South Africa, being so close to lions, elephants, and going on a walking safari,  seeing giraffe only feet away makes my heart skip a beat.

I take great pride in knowing that all my staff here at Sues Pet Care Services have the same passion and enthusiasm for animals as I do.

Meet our dedicated petsitters!

Meet Pearl

Pet Sitter

I’m Pearl (aka Whirly),

I love my work as an animal care assistant with Sues Pet Care Service. Spending my days looking after your beloved pets makes me smile big come rain or shine.

When I’m not looking after your animals I’m looking after mine. I’m a massive animal lover with three dogs and four cats not to mention my two children who are also huge animal lovers. I enjoy all aspects of caring for and training them.

I’m always looking to improve my knowledge, experience and skills in animal care. I am currently studying a Level 3 Animal Care and Welfare course with Stonebridge College. I have also recently renewed my Animal First Aid course.

I pride myself on my work ethic and treat our clients pets as I would my own. I’m always happy to go the extra mile to help.

When I take a break from it all I go camping..with my little family including our pets too! I do some volunteer work for various charities, love being outdoors and Im also a keen motorcyclist.

Meet Claire

Pet Sitter

Hi my name is Claire.
Last year I decided on a complete career change and do a job that's not like working at all. Being out in the countryside and walking dogs is a pleasure and not a chore, and keeping fit without having to step foot inside a gym. I always had a dog as a child but 3 years ago we decided to rescue Ruby, a collie Doberman cross (we think). It has turned out to be one of my families best decisions and we wouldn't be without her now.
My new hobby is now agility classes with Ruby which is good fun and mentally stimulating for us both!

Joining with Sues Pet Care service gives me the chance to do what I love - sharing my love and affection to our pets.


Pet Sitter

Hi, I’m Anette, the newest addition to Sue’s dog walking team.

My interest in dogs increased when I adopted a retired Greyhound 12 years ago. When she passed away we adopted a Galgo (Spanish Greyhound) from an amazing charity in Spain called Galgos Del Sol. Galgos are used for hunting in Spain and are abused and abandoned in vast numbers every year. Her name is Winnie and we’ve had her for 2 years. She is a real little character and brings joy to every day with her crazy antics and loving nature.

I take dog ownership very seriously and like to read up and learn as much as I can about dogs so that I can give my dog (and now your dog/s) the best care.

I enjoy travelling and long walks in the countryside and believe that being outside and exercising is great for the body and mind. This, coupled with my love of dogs, makes dog walking the perfect job for me.

We are here for your furry friend!

Whatever the reason you need your pet looked after – whether you’re on holiday, in hospital, unwell, away on business, at work or just need unexpected emergency pet care; Sue’s Pet Care provide expert and personalised services to support you and your furry friend. 

Our mission is to support local pet owners and provide personalised services to help put your mind at ease whilst you are away from your beloved animal(s). We know how important pet(s) are to their owners and we remain determined to help you relax knowing that your pets can receive the correct care and attention.

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