Did you know that there is a proper protocol for dogs when it comes to saying hello? Especially for dogs that you may have not met before. Fortunately, we’re paw-fessionals when it comes to understanding dog body language and behavior.  Here are some tips that our fur-bulous staff uses for greeting doggies:


  1. Don’t lean over the dog and stick your hand in its face.
  2. Don’t lean over the dog and stick your hand on top of its head.
  3. Don’t grab or hug.
  4. Don’t stare them in the eyes (this is considered adversarial by dogs).
  5. Don’t squeal or shout in their faces.
  6. Don’t grab their heads and kiss them (this is considered an invasion of space).


  1. No eye contact.
  2. Let the dog approach in its own time.
  3. Keep your SIDE toward the dog. It’s non-threatening.
  4. Pet or stroke on their sides of the face or body, or on their back

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